Elizabeth Cady Stanton In Women's Rights And Suffrage Movement

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Impact of Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Women Rights and Suffrage Movement
Women rights for some time were violated with men being preferred in all endeavors to women. This led to the formation of women movements made of human rights activists especially those of women. The rights movements’ history in the united states dates back in the 1840s when women started championing for their rights. Women suffrage (otherwise called women's entitlement to vote) is the privilege of women to vote in decisions. Constrained rights to cast votes were first obtained by women in western states of the United States, Sweden, Iceland and Finland in the late 19th century. Associations both at national and global levels were framed to arrange endeavors to get their rights of casting votes, in particular the International Woman Suffrage Alliance which was formed in 1904, and also worked towards a realizing an equal society where women would get same treatment as men. The women wanted to have a say in the government that they believed they greatly supported through …show more content…

Margaret Mead after observing different cultures in the world she concludes by saying that a group of mindful citizens is capable of changing the world however much it may be smaller. These words have come true after a small group of women led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton met and laid a foundation to what would turn out to be a victory for women who had been denied their rights over a long period of time. With these movements, having grown to their current state where they managed to achieve what the pioneers fervently searched for, it's important to look at the contribution given by some of the pioneers. This paper, therefore, looks exclusively at the role played by Elizabeth Cady Stanton in convention for women’s rights and suffrage movement. She was one of the well-known suffragists and an activist for civil rights in the period of

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