Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Women's Rights Movement

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Passage 1 effectively develops the contribution Elizabeth Cady Stanton made to the women’s rights movement during the 1800s. Passage 2 is more of facts about her and Susan rather than how they contributed. They both tell a lot about how Elizabeth helped women’s rights. Also in passage 2 it talks about about Elizabeth had help from Susan B Anthony. So passage 1 defiantly was better at showing how Elizabeth contributed to women’s rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a major leader in the women’s rights movement during the 1800s. She worked hard and went over many obstacles to help earn basic rights for women. It describes this very well in the first passage. The second passage is more about the teamwork of her and Susan. Elizabeth was described more in passage 1 rather than 2. It is very effective to read about what she did to help woman suffrage end, for example writing her…show more content…
It talks about the partnership of Susan and Elizabeth. The titles give evidence which one talks more about Elizabeth and her contribution. It says the birth place and then it starts out with Elizabeth. The other passage talks about a meeting. This is why passage 1 is better than passage 2. Passage 1 is way better at developing and describing how Elizabeth Contributed to Women’s rights. Women’s rights are a very important deal. Passage 1 gives a lot of facts and details about the subject. It has a clear and understandable main idea. Lines 36 and 37 give lots of detail on her character and how she helped. So passage 1 defiantly describes Elizabeth’s contribution to women’s right act. Passage 2 just isn’t as good at it. There is a lot of evidence from both passages that gives good information. Passage 1 has more about how she helped start it and was pretty successful on what she did. The facts help me understand more about Elizabeth Stanton and what she did. Both of the passages give lots of great
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