Elizabeth Eckford's Life And Accomplishments

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Ms.Eckford was born in 1957. She was one of six children born to Oscar Eckford. Oscar Eckford was a railroad worker and his wife Birdie, worked as a state employee. Like all mothers her mother was an overprotective parent. For her it was difficult for her to see her daughter go back to harm’s way every school day. At the end of the school year Mrs.Eckford lost her job do to stress. Mr.Eckford worked at nights,where he remembered”men walked around did not keep him from taking Elizabeth to school each morning. The first day of mixture at Central High school in Little Rock Arkansas, mobs protested outside the school. Eight of the African Americans in Little Rock Nine students chosen to integrate the all white Central High, met up before so they could have an escort though the mob. Elizabeth Eckford, did not receive the message about meeting beforehand. Not knowing of the mobs and the meeting, she went to school on her own.…show more content…
Elizabeth Eckford was a member of The Little Rock nine ( is a group of African American students who became enrolled in Little Rock Central High School and the event didn 't come without an disagreement). This event is one of the most memorable event s of integration that came as a result form the Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka decision of 1954. The ruling was very Important and much needed of the civil right movement. It starting to bring some equality for African American students. An equality they need deserved if the most of the white community didn’t agree with
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