Elizabeth Freeman Research Paper

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Elizabeth Freeman, in the Ashley’s eyes, was just the slave who cleaned the house. Elizabeth was born in 1742 to an enslaved mother and father. When she was only 6 months old, she was sold to the Ashley family to become a slave! Thirty years later, almost nothing had changed. She cleaned the house and swept the floors. She had a daughter known as “little Bet.” Unfortunately, her husband was killed fighting against the British. Elizabeth heard the news of the constitution stating freedom and independence for all from the big events the Ashley Family hosted. Elizabeth had a place in her heart for being free. One day, Mrs. Ashley, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth sister, Lizzy, were in the kitchen when Mrs. Ashley got mad at Lizzy. In her frustration, Mrs. Ashley swung a burning hot shovel at Lizzy. Elizabeth acted quickly, putting out her arm to protect Lizzy. She was hit and she was probably in a tremendous amount of pain. The burn was severe, and lasted her whole life. The Ashley family was treating her terribly! Elizabeth didn’t understand this cruel treatment, so she ran away. Elizabeth had worked for the Ashley family a long time, and losing her was not something the Ashleys would put up with. The Ashleys went to law enforcement, forcing…show more content…
Well, only a few years after she was set free, slavery in Massachusetts was abolished. Elizabeth was one of the first two slaves to have freedom under the Massachusetts constitution. Since she was the first, it must have been that she inspired others to fight for their rights. The Massachusetts Constitution was a very important document for the start of America that might have inspired Mary to fight for her rights. This was all after the American Revolution, so one can infer that since the other Colonists got their Independence and happiness, Elizabeth was influenced to get the same. Even though Elizabeth isn 't well known, the few people who know who she is, recognize her as a
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