Elizabeth Hamilton Research Paper

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If I could be anyone in history, it would be Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton. To most people, that name would not ring any bells. However, more people are slowly becoming aware of her contributions to history. Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler was born on August 9, 1757 in Albany, New York. She was close to her many siblings, especially her sister Angelica. She met the man would become her husband, first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton in February of 1780. They were married on December 14 of that same year. She gave birth to their first child, Philip (named after her father), in 1782. She would go on to have eight children in total. Their marriage was mostly happy. However, in 1797, Alexander Hamilton released a 94 page pamphlet entitled “The Reynolds…show more content…
Without her, his reputation would likely be tarnished, and no one would know anything about the first Treasury Secretary. However, thanks to her, we have his thousands of pages of writing. She helped get the Washington Monument built, and dedicated her life to helping people. She opened an orphanage, and helped to raise hundreds of children. She raised her children alone, and all of them went on to be successful lawyers and politicians. If she was alive today, I think Elizabeth Hamilton would be fighting for women’s rights, as both she and her sister were believers in the fact that women were equal to men. I also think she would still be campaigning for her husband. He is still not as well-known as some of the other founding fathers, and he was just as important as them. Although most people have not heard of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, her story is slowly being told. Eight times a week in New York City, a Broadway musical called Hamilton performs. It tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, but more subtly, it tells the story of his wife. Eliza was incredibly important in history, and it is important that more people are finding out about her story. Without Eliza, we wouldn’t have Alexander’s legacy. While in the past she has gotten no recognition, she is beginning to get what she
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