Adult Education Case Study: Elizabeth Health

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Introduction Elizabeth Health has 350 employees based in three locations. The staff is made up of community health officials, maternal and child care nurses, a small number of general nurses, allied health workers, child protection officers, social workers, juvenile justice workers, aged care practitioners and administrative staff. This case study analysis will look at the problems within Elizabeth Health and find a solution to it. Currently there are two major problems. Firstly, it is to analyse why the Government has been critical of Elizabeth Health child protection and dementia services, in particular it's slow response time and it's lack of systematic follow up. Secondly, I am going to address the negative response in regards to the…show more content…
They are: the need to know, a sense of autonomy, the importance of life experiences and knowledge, the readiness to learn, the need for practical and applicable learning, and internal motivation. The need to know refers to the understanding of knowing how and why to create a valuable lesson. Having feedback from reflection allows the learner to lean towards new learning and at the same time realize that learning never stops. A sense of autonomy refers to a functional need of a change in behaviour, developing a need for autonomy, structure for self growth, and self directed learning. The importance of life experiences and knowledge means that adults wants to apply their knowledge to what they do and to be acknowledged for it. Biases, self identity and habits are defined from experiences. Readiness to learn refers to a person's need to learn in order to cope better with tasks and problems. The need for practical and applicable learning refers to applying what they are learning to their lives. Lastly, internal motivation refers to motivators like better quality of life, increased job satisfaction, incentives that motivates them. For this to happen, adult learners need to take ownership of the learning…show more content…
Visual aids enhances adult learning and, to enable the participants to better understand what is in the handbook, a power-point presentation can be used too. Worksheets can also be given to the staffs to see how much they understand after undergoing this training, which in turn, will allow me to gauge their strengths and weaknesses on the job. A Q&A pairing session can be held before every break so that they can clear each other's doubts and at the same time get feedbacks from the facilitator. This is essential because it promotes active learning and allows them to absorb information better and enrich the learning process. Facilitators can also motivate them by giving them words of wisdom so that they will be motivated to work beyond their job scope. Alternatively, in order to promote the learning process, specialised training can be done to cater to voluntary workers. As they do not work in Elizabeth Health on a full time basis, a licensed card can be given to them to prove that they have underwent the specialised training. This will not only help Elibeth Health's cause, it will also help them as they have gained new skills and
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