Elizabeth II Contributions

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Queen Elizabeth II is a really good queen. She helps others in a lot of things.

She is always very cheerful and her smile is so beautiful. She always tries to solve

matters in her country. Queen Elizabeth II has done a lot of things for her country,

England. Queen Elizabeth II has worked really hard to become a queen today.

Queen Elizabeth’s early life was centered on her education. She had led a very

Hard life when she was young. Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926 in

London, United Kingdom. Her sister’s name is Margaret and her parents name were

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and George VI. In 1936 Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather died

and so his uncle became King Edward VIII. But King Edward VIII fell in love and so

chose what his heart said and so he decided that he would want to love and not for the

crown. George VI, Queen Elizabeth II’s father became the king and Queen Elizabeth

became heir to the throne. (BBC) When Queen Elizabeth II was young she was

educated at home. Their mother and governess Marion Crawford taught them

French Geography and History (biography). Studying at home would

have been difficult because every day Queen Elizabeth II and her sister had to wake

up early in the mornings and go out for lessons. Queen Elizabeth and Margret always

used to go out in their garden and play. As siblings they never fought. When she was

young she had to face the war and helped in the war too.
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