Elizabeth In Pride And Prejudice

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Elizabeth is the most critical of how marriages are carried out compared to all other family members and acquaintances; as a result of this, she contains prejudice towards others such as Darcy, which causes her to explode with fury when marriages have been unethically conducted. Elizabeth believes in the importance of having a deep and meaningful connection with the person whom you marry and that the wealth and power one has is too influential of a factor when considering marriage. Therefore, the most important quote in chapters 27 and 28 is “I am sick of them all. Thank Heaven! I am going tomorrow where I shall find a man who has not one agreeable quality, who has neither manner nor sense to recommend him. Stupid men are the only ones worth knowing, after all” (Austen, 105) because it conveys how Elizabeth’s anger towards this issue has built up over time while conveying how terribly senseless and materialistic she believes many of the men who surround her are.…show more content…
Bingley did not want to marry her, Elizabeth assumed, due to her prejudice towards Darcy, that it must have been Darcy who persuaded Mr. Bingley not to marry her. Many characters, such as Mrs. Bennett and Lady Catherine de Bourgh, contain prejudice with the preconceived notion that someone who is wealthy is very smart and someone without money is not as smart. Elizabeth hates this notion, and when Elizabeth says that stupid men are the only ones worth knowing, she means that someone who does not have social prominence would be better for her to marry because she would marry them for their personality. Elizabeth is most impressed with people who have good morals and decorum, rather than their wealth and
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