Elizabeth Jennings The Collected Poem Analysis

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Elizabeth Jennings The Collected Poems edited by Emma Mason is a new and definitive edition of the poetry of one of the best loved and most enduringly popular modern poets. Almost all of Jennings’ published poetry and a large selection of her unpublished poems are included here with bibliographic resources. A selection of poems from Elizabeth Jennings The Collected Poems has been done keeping in mind the research area and each chapter. The reviewers of Elizabeth Jennings The Collected Poems have given the following comments on the last cover page of the book: “One of the finest lyric poetry of the twentieth century” (Anne Stevenson). The Movement poet Kingsley Amis comments: Her verse will go on lasting when showier presences have departed”(Kingsley Amis) and the final comment by Germaine Greer : “A major poet of our time” (Germaine Greer). One of the pleasures of studying her apparently simple, invariably calm and contemplative verse is to discover considerable depths beneath the quiet surface of her short poems: tensions, cross currents, mysterious tones, and moving images and to become aware of unexpected reflections. Each brings an island in his heart to square With what he finds, and all is something strange But…show more content…
The adolescent Jennings wanted to find answers to her problems and to the meaning of life in general. During this time she was influenced by T.S.Eliot’s poems, which seems to reflect her moods of doubt and uncertainty. She was fascinated by his apparently ‘free’ poetic form and tried to write in his manner. Only later did she find out how controlled his poems were. The result was that her poems started to be intensely personal, even confessional, free and chaotic. Eliot was not necessarily a good influence on Elizabeth Jennings’ early work and only much later did his choice of words largely influence her work in a positive
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