Elizabeth Lavenza Character Analysis

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The goal of this activity was to compare and contrast two main characters of Frankenstein whom are Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth Lavenza. Some of their similarities is their thirst for knowledge, and they are both very caring. Their differences include, how they approach and deal with problems, and their personalities (explained later). Both are very similar and barley have any differences but, the ones that they do have are very distinctable.
Starting with similarities, Elizabeth and Victor share many such as their thirst for knowledge. They both had a major thirst for knowledge, for Victor his thirst for knowledge was pushed by his temper,childhood, and personal interest. For Elizabeth, it was pushed by interest and her past. From what …show more content…

Victor becomes heavy hearted and he worries non-stop until he becomes physically ill. Evidence of this is when he first created the “monster” and Henry came to visit, he feel ill due to paranoia and what I interpreted as depression. Elizabeth carries on until she can’t anymore. She tries to keep everyone happy until she herself breaks. Evidence of this starts in chapter three when her aunt dies and she carries on with her duties (to show her dedication) then in chapter seven when William died she breaks and gives up on trying to fix others showing she is very fragile. The next difference is their personalities, starting with victor, he is very anti-social especially after the creature came to life he also is very quiet and keeps to himself unless it's close friends and family. Then, Elizabeth is somewhat passive, she listen to everyone's wants and needs also from the beginning the story where it describes her looks she is considered societies perfect women, passive, beautiful, and “weak” (at least that's what everyone says about her).
To sum everything up, Elizabeth and Victor are very similar and moderately different. They both share a love for knowledge and are both very passionate and caring human beings. They also have differences including how they handle issues and their personalities, they are both strong yet weak at the same time. I persoanlly feel like they are

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