Elizabeth Peck: Character Analysis

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A strong work ethic, a fierce focus, an attention to detail, and a strong desire for success…these are some of the qualities that make Miss Elizabeth Peck a very special young lady. I have known Elizabeth for two and a half years as her classroom teacher and Beta Club advisor. In every interaction that I have had with Elizabeth, she has been the picture of maturity and class. She is an extraordinary young lady who has proven that persistence is the most reliable indicator of success.

Elizabeth was a student in my English II-Honors class, and she immediately set herself apart from her peers by turning in work that was fastidiously done. She is a perfectionist, so everything she did was of the highest caliber. She easily earned an A for
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Last year, Beta Club was a mélange of disorganization, so little was accomplished. This year, Elizabeth has changed all of that. She has bandied her officers together as a cohesive unit to work with the membership. She has single-handedly scheduled a diverse number of events, from candy can sales to pet shelter work to food pantry work, as a means with which to get new members involved. She has also organized meeting activities that has helped the members acquaint themselves with one another more readily. She is easy for members to contact, organized with all activities, and open to suggestions from everyone who is part of the group. I am so proud of her efforts!

A young lady of this caliber is often a member of other organizations, and Elizabeth is no different. From cross country to National Honor Society, Elizabeth is involved in her school. She also works with her church to conduct mission projects, help in the nursery, and assist with youth events. Clearly, her involvement shows a young lady with an eclectic array of activities. These activities only further to enhance her character and her work ethic. She could easily just focus on her academics, but she clearly knows that a well-rounded selection of activities only serves to make her a stronger person.

I heartily recommend Miss Elizabeth Peck for the scholarship for which she is applying. She is an extraordinary young woman who has already surmounted so many obstacles. She has already achieved success, on her
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