Elizabeth Proctor Character Analysis

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In the Crucible the main characters are John Proctor, Abigail Williams, Rev. John Hale, Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Rev Parris, Giles Corey and many more.The symbolic characters in the crucible are very important in the development of the theme. The major themes are intolerance, hysteria, and reputation. Each character is used to expose a different theme in the story that relates to its plot. The roles of each character are represented through the interaction they have with the plot of the story and with other characters. John Proctor lives just outside town and is Elizabeth Proctor’s husband. Proctor is a middle aged, hardworking man, who hates dishonesty. However, he has a hidden affair with Abigail Williams that later shows to be a big problem. He had a lot of lust for Abigail Williams which brought him to his downfall. When all…show more content…
She was a victim of the witch trials after the Putnams accuse her of witchery and she refuses to confess. She represents goodness and strength for the people who chose not to confess and give up their lives. Reverend Hale was summoned to Salem to investigate the “witchcraft” that is supposedly responsible for the younger children's mysterious illnesses. For the first part of the play, he supported there was witchcraft in the town but later he agrees the girls are all lying and he was being manipulated by them. He represents the truth of what is happening and tries to correct the wrongfulness by telling the prisoners to confess and save their lives, even though it would be a lie. Reverend Parris is the minister of the church, who finds the girls dancing in the woods around a fire and whose daughter fell sick in fears of getting in trouble.Parris reeks of intolerance and fears he will lose his minister position if people think his daughter was involved in witchcraft. He represents selfishness because he is only concerned with his authority in the town and the witchcraft
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