Elizabeth Proctor Guilty Analysis

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In Act IV of The Crucible Elizabeth Proctor was accused and found guilty. In many cases its very difficult to tell if people are innocent or not. Even though the accused swear under oath, doesn’t mean that they will keep that promise. In some cases an innocent person is said to be guilty and are punished for a crime that they did not commit.
In a different perspective some may see Elizabeth as guilty. It was found that during the court hearing she lied under oath about her husband and Abigail having an affair to protect him. She chose the worst time to tell that lie and it showed her as being dishonest which is a very strong point for believing that she is guilty. If someone lies about a situation then it is much harder to trust them in anything
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She has the strong reputation of not telling a single lie throughout the play up until they were in court. Sometimes pressured situations push people to lie especially if it's for the people that they love. Elizabeth truly loved John Proctor and she was too kind hearted of a women to seek revenge on him or even Abigail. Another point is that out of all the people that would be guilty, Elizabeth would be the last on the list because of her devotion and genuine character. She also doesn't have a strong enough motive against Abigail besides the affair, which she had already moved on from. “I do not judge you. The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you. I never thought you but a good man, John (with a smile), only somewhat bewildered” (Miller 1295). The quote shows evidence of what Elizabeth is feeling towards her husband.
In comparing both sides I believe that Elizabeth Proctor is not guilty. All she wanted to do was protect her husband, which shouldn't condemn her. Any body pressured in that kind of situation would lie to protect the one they love. She also did nothing wrong to Abigail and was tormented by Abigail and the other girls for supposed witchcraft, which we all know she did not do, Elizabeth was known for honesty and
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