Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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I, Elizabeth Proctor can lie no more, a devil more devious than Lucifer himself hides her fangs behind a veil of lies. It is none other than Abigail, the shrewd “whore”. As of the moment she stepped foot in my house as a mere servant, I saw the wall of marriage come crashing down. I dare say, the court should be ashamed as I stand before thee, accused of witchcraft and dealing with the devil. Me, Elizabeth Proctor! Today the court has conjured with the devil itself by believing Abigail's accusation against my innocence. She has tied a blindfold of deceitful lies over your eyes, and my lone intention is to let you see again. To let the light of God sheen upon the city of Salem once again. Abigail is not all she seems, to the citizens of Salem;…show more content…
It would give her great pleasure to bid me from this world. “She thinks to kill me.” (Act 2,pg 60) and dance with Proctor upon my grave. Her desire to see my lifeless body lay without breath in the grounds of Salem. Her desire to see a helpless John, that would come running back to her warmth. Abigail is not one to be scared of death and killing itself. She shows no compassion or concern for any life except her own. Abigail has been accused of threatening Betty when she revealed the truth that she had “drank (the) blood, a charm to kill” me(Act 1,pg 26). Is this not enough, can you not see her sick mind? Abigail is not a newcomer when it comes to death, she has seen” Indians smash her dear parents' heads,” (Act1,pg27) right before her eyes. She has “seen reddish work done at night,” (Act 1,pg 27) and I live in fear each night of what she is capable of, often wishing to “never see the sun go down!”(Act 1,pg 27). Abigail’s hands are not clean and have never been. All she is good for, and always has been, is to cause fear and hysteria to the community of…show more content…
Without hesitation I could say that "There be no make of blame upon my life, I am a covenanted christian."(Act 2,pg 64). The ten commandments running through my vein like the very blood that runs through my body. My hands connected to those of gods’, his palms touching mine. I have lived a pure life and I will continue to. I have faced much hardship, but always my christian heart has looked deep to forgive.It could not be said the same of Abigail, she has been "dancing in the wood,"(Act 1), dancing with the devil. Abigail has touched him, her hand filled with blood of innocent souls. She has written her name in the book of Lucifer. I ask you, who would you rather believe a true Christian like me or a girl of the devil? Ask anyone, they will tell you about me. I have "lived so long with upright reputation,"(Act 3,pg 83). My goodness is plastered across tongues of those who speak of me.I am not deluding you views, there is only one person that deceives us, one person that hides the truth and life from us, It is Abigail. She is no angel, her eyes have seen many innocent people die. Yet her fangs seek a new prey day by
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