Elizabeth Proctor Innocence In The Crucible

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The Salem Witch Trials Widow
There seems to be a continuing debate of the innocence of the accused woman named Elizabeth Proctor. One must testify that she is innocent! Elizabeth has proven to be an exceptional Christian woman, she is extremely faithful and forgiving, also she bears remarkable love for her family. These observations justify the validity of the fact that she is an innocent woman.
Elizabeth Proctor is a good Christian woman! She can recite the commandments effortlessly because she knows and follows them with her heart. She always attends church when she is physically capable, and continually invites those around her to attend as well. The ways and values of the church are taught to her children by her, and she follows the rules herself perfectly. Honesty is an important virtue to her, and others are able to see this, for example, John Proctor states, “In her life she has never lied...my wife cannot lie” (Act 3). She shows her love for the church by being righteous and doing
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Love and affection are demonstrated by her efforts to teach her family the gospel. This shows that she only is looking out for the welfare of her posterity. Many efforts were made by her to keep her children safe from the effects of the witch trials, “When the children wake, speak nothing of witchcraft-it will frighten them” (). She says this portraying the love she has. The first thing she says after her arrest is the concern for her children's safety. This proves that even after the hard and troubling times she still cares for her family more than herself. During her husband’s trial, she denies the fact the John committed adultery. She did this out of the sense of protecting him from being killed. After the death of John, she was in endless pain because she just lost the one she had come to love over and over again. These are few of the many actions portrayed by Elizabeth that validates the fondness she possesses for her
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