Elizabeth Proctor Loss Of Innocence In The Crucible

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A story of significant events involving witchcraft, and murderous double-crossing town members is a play written by Arthur Miller: The Crucible. In The Crucible many people accuse other members of the town. These actions performed by the town members show their real personality and real incentive. Even though most people accused others, the people who didn’t share their accusations were still responsible for the outcome of the events. Sometimes an act of negative intimation to a loved one to do something, might backfire later. The culpable Elizabeth Proctor, with her being bitter, pusillanimous, and insecure, is responsible for the hysteria in The Crucible.
Elizabeth Proctor was a bitter wife towards her unfaithful husband, John Proctor. Trust was lost towards John after he cheated on Elizabeth with their prior worker Abigail Williams. Vigilance was among Elizabeth and she condemned John often. John is irritated with the lack of trust that they have together so he stated to Elizabeth, “Spare me! You forget nothin’ and forgive nothin’. Learn charity, woman… I have not moved from there to there without I think to please you,
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John has confessed to the court of the affair he had had with Abigail. He did this to show Abigail had a motive to kill Elizabeth since Abigail was still in love with John. The court wanted evidence of the affair so they brought Elizabeth in to confirm. John said she would never tell a lie. Since Elizabeth was weak and in love she lied to save his name. “My husband-is a goodly man, sir, Then he did not turn from you… Is your husband a lecher!, no sir.”. If she had good morals for herself, she would have told the truth in court. By telling the truth there would not have been any more deaths of innocent people. Since she did not tell the truth, she sent John to jail and no justice was ever served to the innocent
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