Elizabeth Proctor Sacrifice In The Crucible

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Elizabeth Proctor deserves the reader’s sympathy because of a broken marriage. While living in a small Puritan village during the Salem witch trials, Proctor and Elizabeth’s lives start to face the worse. Their marriage is broken because Proctor committed adultery with another girl in the village. Proctor says, “Abby you'll put it out of mind. I'll not be comin’ for you more” (Miller 22). John is telling Abigail to never think of him ever coming back to her. Proctor wants to forget about what they had done, but Abigail still believes he will return to her. If Proctor was not already in a bad position before, he definitely manages to dig a deeper hole by lying, “She told it to me in a room alone-I have no proof for it” (Miller 53). He does not
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