Elizabeth Springs's Letter To Her Father Analysis

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In this document analysis I chose, was about Elizabeth Springs who was an indentured servant in Maryland who wrote a letter to her father who lived in England. She writes to her father stating that she hopes that she could come back home, and that she forgives him for all the wrong he had done. She explains to him that she is living miserably day and night and being treated like an animal. The beat and rape her. Her lack of not eating, not having much clothing, or shoes, she feels like she is being mistreated worse than black people. In her letter she wants her father to have some compassion and send her some relief, of clothing. In the end of the letter she put your undutiful and disobedient child, meaning she is performing the duties for her family, and she feels because what is happening to her that she is not an obedient child. The historic context of…show more content…
In my opinion she might have been a bit biased to an extent. She knew the treatment she was getting, but also recognized how the blacks were being treated as well, but to say that she was treated worse than a black person might have been exaggerating. No one will ever know the truth. To me if any person black or white who has not been feed properly, nor had decent clothes, and have been beaten, it’s all the same abuse. In this life time era, it shows that many younger men and woman had a hard time living: trying to survive to live in the New World of America. I want to say that this document was trustworthy, because Elizabeth Sprigs was getting her point across that even though she was a servant, it was not permanent, and she will eventually have freedom. As I read her letter, that was wrote to her father, it saddens me that centuries ago they could be so cruel. Letters like Elizabeth’s Sprigs are very useful for History today; it proves of what happened at that time

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