Elizabeth Stanton's Argumentative Analysis

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In 1848, a number of women gathered in Seneca Falls, the home of Elizabeth Stanton. Stanton organized the Seneca Falls Convection with a number of other women to voice her issues on women’s rights. The women wrote the Declaration of Sentiments to “demand civil liberties for women and to right the wrongs of society.” Stanton’s declaration was to demand for equal rights for women, especially voting rights. Stanton believed that everyone has inalienable rights: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Stanton’s article is foundational because it uses the Declaration of Independence to point out that everyone should be entitled to the same rights. Stanton did this by listing ways that women were being oppressed, which showed that women weren’t being afforded equal rights even though the Declaration of Independence stated that men and women were equal. The major areas where she believed women were treated unequally were in education, employment and government. Since the 1800s there has been significant strides made towards achieving equality in these three categories, however, a blind eye can’t…show more content…
There are great obstacles hindering women from being represented in government. For example, despite Rwanda having the world’s best representation of women, with 58 percent, President Paul Kagame runs the show. Mexico, in seventh place, tops all of the Scandinavian countries but however, the women have little to no real power. Attitudes about gender-appropriate work and stereotypes about the aptitudes of women are a factor limiting women’s opportunities to gain access to top posts in
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