Elizabeth Taylor Accomplishments

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Elizabeth Taylor was a famous Hollywood actress in the 1900’s and early 2000’s. She brought entertainment into people’s lives and was a very influential figure. She rose awareness for those who were suffering from AIDS and got them the support they needed. She also helped Zionist causes and donated a lot towards their community. She was not scared to fight for what she believed in, and because she was such a strong person, she influenced those around her. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born on February 27, 1932, in London England. There she grew up with her mom, Sara, her father, Francis, and her older brother, Howard. Both of her parents were American, but they moved to England so her father could pursue his career as an art dealer. Liz’s mother used…show more content…
She won 15 awards throughout the entirety of her acting career and was nominated over 25 times for different awards. Her awards consisted 4 Golden Globe Awards and one of them was for Best Actress for Motion Picture for the movie Suddenly, Last Summer in 1959. She also won a special achievements award. Although a lot of her accomplishments are from acting, she was still involved in the world around her and wanted to leave more of a lasting impact. Besides acting, Liz was very involved with helping the Jewish community when she converted to Judaism. She purchased $100,000 worth of Israeli bonds and donated a lot of money to Jewish National funds. She was also very inspirational figure when discussing AIDS. She took charge when the country was in panic with tons of people getting the disease. No one really knew what it was and what it did, but Liz knew that she had to get involved. She especially took charge when one of her old co-stars died from AIDS. She made her own foundation too. On top of all this, she made her own fragrance line and made tons of money off of this, which she then put to good

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