Elizabeth Vliet's Argumentative Analysis

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Strive for Gender Neutral Bathrooms The recent hot debate in our society focuses on the new controversial policy for public bathrooms to be identified as gender neutral. People who identify as a gender other than their biological sex are allowed to use the bathroom based on how they identify themselves. Elizabeth Vliet, is a current physician, has acquired specialized training from Johns Hopkins Sexual Medicine Consultation team, and provides her stance about the gender neutral bathroom policy will promote the increase of danger, especially for women. Vliet has treated numerous patients over the years regarding sex and gender issues. Vliet has identified some similar characteristics among the patients she treated over the years. According to …show more content…

In the following paragraphs I will provide Vliet’s arguments for the change in policy, then use specific strategies to refute her arguments through identifying logical …show more content…

Her errors in reason, include the use of logical fallacies identified throughout her argument. One of the logical fallacies that is identified in her argument is the question-begging epithets, which is the substitution of evidence through the overuse of emotional language. An example of this occurs when Vliet (2016) states, “Consequence of such absurd ideas are predictable” and “Bathroom equality or “gender neutral” locker rooms is just the latest absurdity in the move by “progressives” to “progress” the United States right out of common sense and public safety” (para. 2 &3). Vliet uses vocabulary such as “absurd/ity”, “predictable”, “consequence”, and the phrase “right out of” to evoke emotion out of people rather than using evidence to justify her claims. Another fallacy that is identufied in Vliet’s argument is appeal to fear, which is to create fear instead of using evidence. An example is when Vliet (2016)

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