Elizabeth Yates: A Brief Biography

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She was born in Buffalo, New York on December 5, 1905. Her birth name was Elizabeth Yates. Her parents names were Harry Yates, and Mary Duffy Yates. She is the second youngest of 7 children. Her brother’s names are Harry Jr., Bobby, and Dick. Her sister’s names are Jinny and Teresa. Her family spoke English and French. The president when she was growing up was Theodore Roosevelt. Another political leader was Theodore M. Berry. This country is connected to Elizabeth because she grew up in a small town. Her parents were pretty wealthy, she was raised well with her other siblings. Her sister and one of the women that worked for her family encouraged Elizabeth to write in her journal and that made Elizabeth want to become an author. Elizabeth is biography worthy because she has to go through alot, he family survived a war, she was able to write all her feelings down in her journal and be able to share all her accomplishments with everyone. She was able to write many books all because she was encouraged as a child…show more content…
They helped her through everything she was going through. They encouraged her to continue writing and reading. Her sister gave her books to read and gave her ideas on what to write about. Her sister is also a writer, she wrote anything from books to song lyrics to poems. Elizabeth wanted to be just like her sister and go to school and be just as successful as she was. Her brothers helped her become who she is because they made her childhood happy and joyful. They didn’t be mean to her so she learned to love and just be happy. In the book it says when she was little her brother Harry would always play with her when she was playing with her doll house. Her sister would always get her and her brothers together on Christmas and Christmas Eve and perform a play for their family and friends. Elizabeth had a happy, joyful, and well loved childhood. Her family was her greatest encouragement and her greatest
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