The Basic Principles Of Elizabethan Childhood And Education

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Elizabethan Education - begins in the home

The basic principles of childhood and education would be started in the home. These basic elements included:
◾Respecting their mother and father.
◾Asking their parents blessing.
◾Rising early in the morning and saying their prayers.
Table Manners - the correct behavior for eating small morsels, chewing properly , using a knife and using a napkin.
◾Children would also be taught their 'place ' in society which included where they should sit at the table.
◾Elizabethan Girls would be taught obedience to the male members of the family. Their education would then generally diverse from the boys to concentrate on housewifely duties and sometimes music and dance.

The most elementary level of education
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These Petty schools were usually run, for a small fee, by a local, well educated housewife, and were therefore also referred to as ' Dame Schools '. At the ' Petty School ' or ' Dame School ' the boy 's education would consist of being taught to read and write English, learn the catechism and also learn lessons in behavior. These were considered the most important elements of Elizabethan Petty School education and what must be taught during childhood. The Children of Noble birth were invariably taught by tutors at home but, from the age of 7 to 14, children of a lower standing went to Grammar Schools - the most common institute for Elizabethan education during the Elizabethan period. Many schools were financed by the local Guild Elizabethan Life at school was quite strict. During summer the school day started at six o 'clock in the morning and finished at…show more content…
Queen Elizabeth 's father, King Henry VIII, started life as a devout Catholic and his daughter Mary was brought up in this faith. He then fell in love with Anne Boleyn and in order to divorce Katherine of Aragon he broke his ties with the Catholic Church and the Church of England was established. The new Protestant religion came into favor and his son Edward and younger daughter Elizabeth adhered to these faiths. This resulted in the religion of England careering from the Catholic to Protestant religions according to wishes of the reigning monarch. Elizabethan Education altered accordingly. The catechism was an Elizabethan book detailing the details of the Christian Faith. Children would be expected to learn by heart certain passages at the Elizabethan Petty School which related to being a 'good Christian ' as part of their education. An example of this would be "I will renounce the

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