Elizabethan Era Fashion Essay

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The Elizabethan Era was an extraordinary time period filled with many historical events; however, the fashion world included a variety of character that made a magnificent component during this age. From the multiple striking garments to the classified social structure, the 16th century fashion era valued an ingenious originality for clothing to all men and women. During the Elizabethan Era, Queen Elizabeth I, created a major impact on the fashion factor of this time period. The Queen’s ladies along with the majority of women, imitated her style of clothing. Some were in wait of wearing her old dresses as well (Leed). Her original and authentic style consisted of various layers that were not quite light. Additionally, the clothing included many overlapping undergarments and regular garments, which developed the standards of heavy apparel for women (Sandeen). The influences not only affected women, but for men as well. Queen Elizabeth’s father and brother set an ideal image for men to have similar clothing elements during the beginning of her reign (Leed). Women and men would…show more content…
Imported items came from numerous locations throughout Europe. For instance, velvets were often imported from Italy, and red dyes came from the Mediterranean (Alchin). Trading was an essential that contributed in many ways since people needed fabrics and materials to develop the clothing. The Exchange, a classical building for cloth trading, became the main place to purchase fabrics. Wool, velvet, silk, and other luxurious fabrics were available here (Elgin 30-31). Of course, constructing the outfits was just as important as receiving the materials. Women would get their aesthetic apparels made from pattern books, otherwise known as the tailor of their hometown (Elgin 34). Not only did the fabrics help manufactured the most unique styles in the 16th century, but they classified the people who wore them as

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