Elizabeth's Confession In The Crucible

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“You have confessed yourself to witchcraft, and that speaks a wish to come to Heaven’s side. And we will bless you, Tituba.” (pg. 49, Hale) The effect of confession on the play is it gets everyone in trouble if they are lying. When Elizabeth lied to the court it got her and John in trouble. Elizabeth never lied before making it even worse. . On page 118, Elizabeth starts to say that Abigail dissatisfied her and John. She says she were sick after she had her first child and doesn’t remember much. She says John is a good righteous man. She thinks John fancied her and she got mad. Danforth ask if John left her and Elizabeth says again that John is a goodly man and Danforth asks if John has ever committed the crime of lechery and she says no, when john had earlier confessed to what he did. They then take her out of the room and later John will be scheduled to be hanged. Since Elizabeth lied to the court she got herself and John in trouble. She had to go back to jail and John was on the list of people to be hanged the next morning. John confessed his lechery to the court to get Elizabeth forgiveness. Since Elizabeth lied to the court that…show more content…
One of the characters that confessed was On page 45 Abigail says, “She makes me drink blood.” Abigail is trying to get Tituba in trouble saying that she made her drink the blood. Tituba then say “No, no, sir, I don’t truck with no Devil!” Abigail then says that Tituba sends her spirits to her in church and tries to make her laugh at prayer. She gets asked more questions and she is feeling pressured by Hale. Hale asks her to wake up Betty and she says she is not able to wake her up. Hale says if she doesn’t confess then he will whip her to death. She then lies and confesses that she sees someone but doesn’t know who it is because it is dark. The effect of her confession on the story is later it messes up the outcome of what’s going to
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