Elizabeth's Love For Long Time Analysis

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Is it possible to wait for someone you love for long time? The answer is yes. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Elizabeth was adopted to Victor’s family, and was described as a beautiful women. Elizabeth represents the passive women, who has no rights, weak, and empowered by Victor. Victor decides to leave Elizabeth and follows his passion. Victor goes to university to create his monster and stay there for long time. Victor 's passion about creating the monster is more important than staying with Elizabeth. When Victor was there for long time busy creating the monster, he loses contact with elizabeth, which made her thought that Victor found someone else he loves or he doesn’t love her anymore. This illustrates women weakness and inferiority. Elizabeth doesn’t have any power over Victor because her love is only from one side. In past and present men believes that women belong to men as if they were property or they cannot speak for themself. Elizabeth is willing to do anything just to make victor happy. On the other side, Victor is not willing to do anything for elizabeth to make satisfied, he sees her as property he leaves whenever he wants, and comes back also whenever he wants as if she is not there or she no feelings or emotions.…show more content…
Every woman has her own responsibilities in society in which men are still considered the strongest. Although women’s lifes are more difficult than men’s life. A woman has to take care of her work, her personal life, her kids, and her husband. On the other side, men have to work and pay bills. In addition, men don 't have to cook, clean and be responsible for kids. This illustrates how men don 't have much responsibility but are still considered the strongest in society. Lastly, many womens are victimized by men, because of the way men treats women. I also feel that this is still happening until now because a lot of womens are still controlled by
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