Diary Of Margaret Anne Brady Summary

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Introduction This book, the diary of Margaret Ann Brady is about the struggles of an orphan who found an opportunity to accompany a woman named Mrs. Carstairs as she boards the ship, Titanic, and sail for America. Summary Margaret Ann, a thirteen year old orphan, was asked by Sister Catherine to have her own diary as it would be disappointing if she did not keep a record of the happenings in her life knowing that there could be a big turn in her life in any moment. Margaret was then called to Sister Mary Gregoria’s office and there they discussed about Margaret Ann’s wish to go into service, Margaret Ann was delighted with this news as it would help her save up in order to follow her brother, William, in America, and then she immediately agreed upon becoming a companion. The next day, Sister Catherine accompanied Margaret Ann to the city to meet Mrs. Carstairs; after Sister Catherine had insisted Mrs. Carstairs on how responsible Margaret Ann was despite of her age, Mrs. Carstairs had finally agreed on Margaret Ann as her companion as she boards the Titanic to sail for America. After a few days, Margaret Ann, with Mrs. Carstairs,…show more content…
Even though Margaret Ann survived, she lived with guilt knowing that she survived the sinking of the Titanic. Moreover, the death of Robert did not help her situation at all, but she still chose to live for Robert. Years later, she got married and had three kids, naming one of them Robert to honour Robert’s death. Margaret Ann Brady died in her sleep in 1994 at the age of ninety-five. Conclusion Even though Margaret Ann’s stay at the Titanic was tragic and the trauma and guilt that it gave her stayed in her memory her whole life, she at least still managed to get what she wanted, to be with her brother once again. The diary of Margaret Ann Brady has helped a lot of people understand the reality of what really happened to the passengers during the sinking of the
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