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Marissa Nicole Elizardo, 72 died February 13th 2068. Born on December 26th 1996 in Houston, Texas, Elizardo spent most of her childhood as a resident of North Wales, PA. Elizardo was educated in the North Penn School District and later went on to receive her BA in Psychology from Bryant University. Following her graduation from Bryant University, Elizardo went on to serve as a graduate assistant field hockey coach at Drexel University. While coaching at Drexel, Elizardo earned her elementary teaching certification. Upon receiving her teaching degree, Elizardo moved to Houston, Texas and spent eleven years as a fourth grade teacher at Deer Park Elementary School before earning her M.Ed from Baylor University. Elizardo then went on to serve as Principal of Deer Park Elementary School for seven years. At the age of 43, Elizardo moved to Charlotte, NC to earn her Ed.D in Educational Leadership. Upon earning her degree, Elizardo became the Superintendent of the Charlotte-McKlenburg School District. After serving as the Superintendent for fifteen years, Elizardo retired and traveled the world.…show more content…
Elizardo spent much her weekends watching her children at their sporting events. Elizardo also served as a coach for the local rec field hockey program. When not involved in sports, Elizardo loved to cook meals for her family and friends.
Elizardo is preceded in death by her loving parents, Homer and Kelly Elizardo. She is survived by her brother, Matthew, husband, Tony, children, Lucas, Mark, and Avery, and their dog, Cooper. Lucas and Mark both attended Clemson to play soccer, while Avery followed in her mother’s footsteps and played field hockey at Bryant
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