Eliza's Memoir: A Short Story

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Eliza’s Memoir I play softball. It was All-Stars, and we were in first place at the moment. We had won three games, to London, Circleville, and another team whose name I can’t remember. It was the second to the last game, and our team was watching from some nice shade in the outfield (By the way, it was in the 90’s while we were there. It felt like a sauna!) Everybody was all sprawled out on the shady grass. You could smell sweat and sunblock in the air. We ate Flyers pizza, and candy (probably not a smart choice), and made sure to drink a whole lot of water. Both of the teams we had already beaten multiple times, so I didn 't see the sense of playing them again, but we had to anyways. We listened to the crickets chirping in the pond behind the field, and heard the crack of the bats slamming against the softballs being pitched. The London team ended up winning by one point, which was surprising because they had been…show more content…
We will, hopefully. I thought in my head. Our team piled into the dugout, and once the game had started, London got ahead by one point, and even though I didn’t like that they we winning, I still said “nice hit” or “good job” to the runners passing first base(where I play). The first inning passed, and we were up to bat again, I was sitting in the dugout beside April Wagner when we both spotted a dime, a silver moon on the floor. “Should I pick it up? It could be good luck!” April said. I thought about it. “But it could also be bad luck,” I argued. So we decided not to pick it up. After the game continued for a few more innings, I was tired and sweaty, and my leather softball glove was not helping.Halfway into the fourth inning, I looked back at the dime on the floor. “I think you can pick it up now,” I mumbled to April. “Yeah,” she smiled. She bent down and picked it up, then shoved it in her back
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