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I’m going to tell you a litter bit about Utah also known as the Beehive State. Utah’s state flower is the Sego Lilly and the state bird is California Gull. My state’s tree is Blue Spruce and state fruit is cherries. The state animal in Utah is an Elk. Utah has a state fossil, it is the Allosaurus. Now let’s get to some important facts about Utah. Utah is the 45th state to be discovered. Before then people have traveled there so I’ll tell you some about them people. In 1776, the Dominguez-Escalante expedition explores the region. In 1778, Don Bernardo Miera Y Pacheco member of the Dominguez-Escalante expedition draws the first map of Utah. In 1896, Utah, with the boundaries, became the 45th state on January 4th. How does Utah make money some people ask? Well, I can answer that for you right now. I’m going to start off with livestock. Over ¾ of Utah’s money income is generated by livestock and livestock products. Beef and cattle and milk lead the way in this sector. Some more livestock Utah has been hogs, chicken, chicken eggs, and sheep, and lambs. Utah also makes monkey off of their crops. Some of Utah’s crop are apples, cherries, peaches, apricots, and pears. Some vegetables are onions, potatoes, dry beans, mushrooms, and safflower and corn crops. Safflower can be used for is saffron and safflower oil.…show more content…
You and your family can take some time and have fun, get wet and don’t forget the indoor bumper car and paint blowing. Then, if u want to have more fun go to Capital Reef National Park go on hikes thought the canyons. You can also ride horse thought the canyons and go fishing in the canyons. Then if you don’t want to go to neither one of those places, then go to lagoon amusement park. You can go on fun rides like the Wiked it is kind of like an up and drop roller coaster. You can go camp out with the family and talk around the camp

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