Elko's Role In Handing Homeless People

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Struggling to get by is a common thing and it’s very hard to get back on your feet. This is how a lot of people become homeless. Some people need assistance so they settle on the side of Walmart, Maverik, or any place they pondered about being a good spot to clinch a sign up summarizing their life story in a few words. A lot of people are willing to give them some aid by handing them some left over change they possessed. Elko has a great community and that’s why a lot of people around here are willing to support others. There’s plenty of reasons why it’s not a superb idea to hand these homeless people money. The first reason is because we have homeless shelters in Elko and those shelters get a lot of donations from stores and other people in…show more content…
There’s reasoning behind that bold statement too. The reason why it’s not ideal to hand homeless people money is because you never know what that person is going to spend it on. They might have a sign saying that they are hungry and need money for food, clothing, or some other necessity but just because they say that on their sign doesn’t mean that’s what they actually want the money for. They possibly will spend the hard earned money on alcohol, or drugs. Those are two thing majority of people don’t want their hard earned money to go to. Just like it’s stated in the third paragraph, if you really want to help others contribute some way to the shelters. Panhandling will always happen if people continue to give to individuals and not shelters. When people get handed stuff all the time they feel like they don’t need to work for anything they want they’ll just keep begging on the street until someone with a big heart sees them and hands them money. Some people need to self-educate themselves on how to become self-motivated, and that’s why places like FISH are important places to have, so people that need help gaining life skills have an opportunity to learn
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