Ella Minnow Pea Character Analysis

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In Mark Dunn’s Ella Minnow Pea, the setting is taken place on an island outside the coast of South Carolina. In this novel, Dunn explains the suffrage of reconstruction of the fallen sentence that is considered a pangram. This pangram installs the morality of loyalty in citizens of the island to the creator of the island, Nevin Nollop, due to his “divine will”. All throughout the novel, the plot is captured in an epistolary format. In order for a novel to be considered an example of an epistolary format the whole interaction of character must be by letters or journal. There are many advantages that the reader can enjoy such as a more in depth emotional disposition between characters and it also makes the framework of the character’s internal…show more content…
Letters are able to display as much emotion as the character wants it to. This is a very good advantage in order to understand the two characters relationship. A good example in the novel is when the Nate send a letter to Tassie, on page 101, his feeling towards the “ Enterprise thirty-two “ challenge and stating how he relates to her disposition. With the context that belongs to Nate's letter to Tassie, the reader is able to official know the affectionate relationship between the two which is not expressed in either Ella’s nor anyone else’s commutes with Tassie. Another advantage of letters that also intertwines with whole concept of communication between characters is the not differentiated persistency of communication due to hindering external environments or events. This advantage is extremely vital for the whole plot . Without the format of sending letters the citizens of Nollop, would have not known about the law changes due to the falling of letters in the pangram which is seen on pages 54, 63, etc, until like 2 weeks after the event. Another aspect that also kept everyone up to date with events is through each others . The reason why this information exchange is so efficient is due to the different placements and background of every individual character. This means lack repetition of information which causes a much faster and more
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