Ella's True Identity In The Film Cinderella

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In the 2015 movie Cinderella we see Ella, a beautiful, young girl living with both of her parents until her mother, who taught her the virtues of kindness and courage, as well as a belief in magic, dies after falling ill. Some years later, Ella’s father marries a widow, who has two daughters, and they move in with Ella and her father. Ella’s father then is forced to go away on business; however, he also dies from an illness, leaving Ella an orphan. The true nature of her stepmother and stepsisters comes out, and Ella, called Cinderella by her stepsisters, is forced to live in the attic. Her stepmother and stepsisters mistreat and bully her all the time. Soon after, when Ella wanders into the woods, she meets the prince, who becomes captivated by her. However, the prince never learns her name, and neither does Ella find out his true identity.…show more content…
According to the law, he must marry a princess, but the soon to be king is unable to forget Ella, and tells his dying father to let all eligible maidens attend the ball. Ella’s attempt to join her stepmother and stepsisters proves futile, with her stepfamily ripping up her dress before leaving. In the garden, Ella encounters an old beggar woman, who turns out to be her godmother. The godmother uses her magical powers to give Ella a beautiful dress, glass shoes, and changes a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage, a goose into a coachman, two lizards into footmen, and four mice into horses, and sends her off to the ball, telling her that she has to return before midnight before the spell wears
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