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Could you imagine being a mother unable to afford christmas gifts for your kid? Well, one mother found herself in this very situation, until Ellen gave her thousands of dollars worth of gifts. Over the past several years, Ellen Degeneres has given over 50 million dollars to charity , this is only one of the great things about Ellen. Ellen Degeneres is my hero because she is always willing to give to others, she gives a voice to the voiceless, and is inspiring to people all over the world. Ellen Degeneres has alway made time for charity. Whether it was a waitress in need or a children 's hospital she made sure to give something. She has given to over 49 charities and not to mention to multiple people in need. All of her generous gifts have…show more content…
One of the most inspiring acts of Ellen was when she came out. Ellen was famous when she came out as gay. When she came out it was still not socially acceptable to be gay but someone had to create a path. When Ellen came out she put her career on the line but she felt it was more important to be herself. Many people saw Ellen’s courage which inspired them to have the courage to do the same. Ellen has also inspired many people to be more charitable. Ellen has inspired her audience to give over 10 million dollars to charity. Ellen is inspiring in more ways than one. Many people do not like Ellen because she is gay. How could she be a hero if she is gay some people might ask. However someones sexualatie should not determined if someone is a hero. Regardless of sexaulatie, good acts are still good acts, being giving is still being giving and being inspiring is still being inspiring. Another thing that people have a problem with is that she is not really an advocate for others she is an advocate. This thought is false yes she does advocate for a community that she is part of but she also advocates for this like aids and the abused. Ellen Degeneres has done many selfless acts with others in mind. She is always looking for ways to put a smile on peoples face. She strives to make the world a better place. Ellen Degeneres is always giving inspiring and willing standing up for
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