Ellen Foster: A Narrative Analysis

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Kaye Gibbons once remarked that “someone once told me...writing is an act of faith. Another person told me that forgiving is also an act of faith. That’s true. I think both heal, both are arts. What a fine thing it is to do both at once” (Gibbons). Gibbons likes to write about things that apply to everyday life. She is associated with the Contemporary Era, but she wrote about the Civil Rights time period, which is from 1954 to 1968. Kaye Gibbons suffers from bipolar disorder, and she is extremely creative during her manic phases, in which she believes that “Everything is instrumented by a real magic". Ellen Foster was written during one such phase.
When Kaye Gibbons was nine her mother committed suicide, because of this she had to go live with
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In this analysis, he says that Kaye is one of America’s wisest writers. “Gibbon's wisdom is an insight into the human heart, an understanding of what is true or just or right in us” ( McMillan 2011). When Gibbons says “It took me a long time to learn that mistakes aren't good or bad, they're just mistakes, and you clean them up and go on.” (Gibbons 2011) it proves that what Eari in saying is right. McMillan also claims that “even when writing from the perspective of an emotionally wrecked, but fanciful young girl, Gibbon's is reporting the emotional wreckage and the fancy with a clear, dry eye.” It shows that in her writing she can make it emotional and adventurous at the same time, this is a sign of a great writer. Again the work of Kaye Gibbons was widely praised and honoured with awards. One award was a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. This shows she is a great writer because she has the awards to show for almost all of her books. Although her books have sold millions of copies, have been placed on numerous best-of lists, and have been honoured greatly, she still has not received the recognition she deserves. She deserves many more resignations than she has got, because she is a great
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