Ellen Foster Character Analysis

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Ellen Foster Ellen Foster is the story of a girl who comes from a broken home. The story comes to us in the view of a little girl named Ellen. Ellen’s mother commits suicide by overdosing on heart medication from that point on, Ellen bounces between different relatives and foster families. Her only friend is an African American girl who Ellen has to tell her how to behave and act. While looking through the lense of social power, Ellen believes that she is above the others around her due to change of the status Ellen gives herself and the people around her. “Get back in the bed, I say to my mama. Mama’s easy to tend to. Not a bit of trouble.” …show more content…

Once Ellen’s grandmother wins custody of her, she is forced to leave the family she could actually see love from to her grandmother who hates her, although never truly stated, we believe the cause because of the similar features of Ellen’s and her father’s faces, Ellen then again sees herself as better as the care given of her. Her grandmother soon dies after becoming ill. Ellen has battled with who has the power in her life and her actions, when her grandmother becomes the caregiver of Ellen she tries to take the power from her. Ellen does get her wish when her grandmother dies and she takes the control again. Her father dies as well from his addiction. “When I was little, I would think of ways to kill my daddy.” (Gibbons 1.) Since the father was not a father figure and more of a warden who beats and sexually abuses her, she has never seen him as someone with power who can control it. She took care of both of her parents and anyone who was actually supposed to be her

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