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Life on the Pages In Ellen Hopkins’ stories, she relates to many different kinds of mental illnesses and different kinds of drug abuse. In her book Impulse, there are three main characters. They all are struggling with suicide due to parental or relationship issues. One tried to shoot himself another drug overdose, and the last victim cut her wrist to the bone. Ellen Hopkins is arguably one of the greatest authors because of her ability to write and connect to teens and others going through betrayal, depression or striving for perfection (Hopkins, Ellen Impulse).
Ellen Hopkins chose to start writing these kinds of books when her daughter started going down the path of using drugs. Hopkins talked about how her daughter’s addiction started and where it took her in life, this book is called Crank. The beginning of her career
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It takes the reader through her story of how she felt great, invincible when she was high, until she became addicted. Then she always needed it, felt trapped by the “monster.” It started to become a downhill roller coaster, but there was also ups like the feeling she had when she was high. Crank being a New York Times best seller. It left readers wanting to know what happened after the book and this is what leads Hopkins’ to write her next book Glass. This was not Hopkins second book; it came later after a few of her other books. Glass starts off where Crank left off she recaps Crank at first and then talks about her journey of fighting herself to free herself from the “Monster” or crystal meth (“Glass). In Glass she now has a baby and is living with her mom but she has a daily fight with the urges of needing to get high. But she soon gets hooked on a new drug “Glass” or Mexican meth. The book takes the reader on a journey of how meth affects a person and the people around them

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