Ellen Ochoa Admirable

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How often are women admirable? Ellen Ochoa, An hispanic engineer, astronaut, and now a director of the Johnson Space Center, is one of the most admirable persons. Ochoa, a dream chaser who encourages others to go after what they really want. Education lead Ochoa to where she is now; However, this career she chose brighten up women making Ochoa their hero. Ochoa was born in May 10, 1958 in Los Angeles, California. She did not stay in Los Angeles, She ended up growing near San Diego. The hispanic heritage came from her father which he was bilingual (Bob Quasius source) ,but by teenage years her parents went their separate ways. Her mother, Rosanne Ochoa raised her and four of her siblings by herself. She even managed to take college…show more content…
As an educated woman, Ellen Ochoa. The first hispanic women who became an astronaut, and along the way still grew more successful. She inspired plenty of women to go after what people said they could not. Ochoa let the women know that they have the power to go and pursue their dreams no matter what or how difficult it gets. Not only did she set a role to the women, she set a role to the kids. She kept going to school to learn more and more. Without it she would 've never gotten to where she made it too. Ochoa brings out the courage and setted an example that nothing is ever to difficult for anyone. Ochoa has made a big inspiration to the kids as well as it relates to the woman. She also impacted males herself, because she did a job that that they could of done themselves. Males took her as an honor because she went in and she accomplished it well, She did her training, did the test, and she was one to pass. So Ochoa is a person to be mentioned in education because she has multiple examples and wise words to state out to anybody. She did not make it a big talk when she first started, but she proved with her actions accomplishing all her dreams and to finish it off she enjoyed her career very well with no hesitations. Whether being male or female, small or big, we can all make it as long as we put ourselves to it, That is one thing Ochoa has made up for everybody to never stop keep on going until you get
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