Eight Stages Of Genocide Essay

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The purpose of this letter is to inform you throughly about the significance of the eight stages of genocide. When recognising the importance of the eight stages of genocide, future atrocities, to the degree of the Holocaust, can be anticipated and prevented. To introduce myself, I come from the prestigious Munich International School. Throughout my academic studies, I acquainted myself with the subject of genocide. I have read several first hand accounts where the eight stages of genocide were not utilised to anticipate the order of events in the massacre, leading to a variety of iniquities. To introduce these “classics of Holocaust literature” (Chicago Tribune), Elli Coming of Age in the Holocaust written by Livia Jackson is a very moving piece full of lucid sorrow about the experience of death camps, while Night by Ellie Wiesel portrays the horror of Nazi German concentration camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald in 1944–1945. These novels portray the procedure of a genocide. Earliest in order, Classification occurs, thereupon Symbolisation, Dehumanisation, leading to Organisation,…show more content…
In such horrid events, not all of the population are guilty, but all are responsible to keep the environment safe and pledged to fend off a genocide.The holocaust occurred not only because of barbaric humanity, but rather because of the lack of assistance from ethical humanity. In the future you should acknowledge the stages of genocide. Even now the Islamic State a militant Islamic fundamentalist group, also called IS is systematically eradicating Yazidis, Christians, Shia Muslims and other ethnic religious minorities in territories controlled by the terrorist group. This is an example of preparation for a full extermination and needs to be taken in account. It is desired that future atrocities are recognised before fully breaking out and causing discrimination and

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