Elliot Alderson Character Analysis

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Elliot Alderson is the main character of the TV show “Mr. Robot”. He works for a company called Allsafe Cybersecurity which focuses on protecting big companies from cyber attacks. During the night however, Elliot is a hacker himself. He finds out the secrets of the people he knows or people that are involved in some way with his closest friends. He mainly does so to protect himself or the people he cares about. Sometimes, he also performs cyber attacks to have some of these people turn themselves in to the police for acts that Elliot does not think the police would be able to find out without his help. As shown in the series, Elliot had a tough childhood. He had a stable relationship with his father, but then he passed away when Elliot was…show more content…
This is an anxiety disorder that is characterized by intense fear of anxiety of social situations in which the individual may be scrutinized by others. Elliot often turned down opportunities to attend social events and also when he was at work and someone would try to speak to him, he would give yes or no answers so that the conversation quickly and he would also never make eye contact. As stated earlier, Elliot is very worried about that people surrounding him and is always suspicious of anything that anyone does. For this reason, it is fair to say that he has paranoia. That is the irrational belief or perception that others wish to cause you harm. Paranoia may also be associated with delusions and auditory hallucinations and Elliot has experienced both of these. Elliot also has delusions in a lot of occasions. A delusion is a deeply entrenched false belief not consistent with the client’s intelligence or cultural background. There are different types of delusions: Elliot has a persecutory type of delusional disorder is a kind of delusion where someone believes that another person or persons are trying to inflict harm on the individual or on that individual’s family or social group. Elliot feels this way about most interactions he has with coworkers or strangers. He is asocial as well which is the lack of interest in social relationships, including an ability to empathize and form close relationships with others. Usually, he will not speak to anyone unless he is spoken to which shows his lack of interest in meeting new people. All of these conditions are a sign of a possibility that a person may suffer from schizophrenia. He has both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Positive symptoms usually add something to the behavior of a client and negative symptoms do the opposite. The positive symptoms that he shows are his delusions and his hallucinations. They are exaggerations or distortions
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