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A little over a month ago I was watching television with a friend. We were watching the very first episode of Mr. Robot episode one, season one, I guess it 'd technically be episode 0. I had already seen it, while my friend had not. But at some point in the episode my friend said something to me that immediately bothered me and maybe I 'm bothered too easily but we 're not here to talk about that.

If you 've never seen Mr. Robot the main character Elliot Alderson has these running internal monologues where he wonders if he 's going crazy, wonders about the messed up society that we live in, what is real what isn 't, and if it even matters or not. His thoughts are constant it seems like he 's always so in his head analyzing, planning his course of action,
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It will leave you when it 's ready, even if it 's high tide and it feels like the oxygen runs low. It will withdraw, it will leave you. Whether it 's something that makes you happy and you want to keep it there forever or it 's something you wouldn 't wish on your worst enemies, it will withdraw. So feel it while it 's there. Don 't think about why you 're feeling it until after it 's gone, because while you 're under the water and you ask yourself why, why am I feeling this way I can 't breathe, I can 't breathe. Now you 've added panic to that emotional space. More waves come crashing in, one on top of the other and soon you 're carried out to the ocean by the sheer amount of your emotions. Let the emotion come and go. And think about it when you 're in the calm aftermath. If you need to think about it, sometimes you just need a good cry or laugh, but if you need to think about it, think about why, think about how you 're feeling. Wait until the emotion passes.

Thoughts and conclusions made in clarity tend to be honest - and that 's what you want right? You want to live your most honest story because you are your own storyteller. You are the master

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