Elliott School Personal Statement

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Since 1996, I have worked for an IT services company located in Northern Virginia. During that time, I have gained vital leadership, management, business, and financial skills. Throughout the last five years, I have established and maintained a top secret facility security office. Subsequent to 9/11, we were awarded a subcontracting opportunity to support the Transportation Security Administration on a mission critical program to supply 200+ people to train, certify, and recertify passenger and baggage screeners at US airports in an effort to thwart terrorism. As a result, over the following years, I developed a strong desire to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain a career with the Department of State to fight international terrorism as a civilian. At the time, it felt like a long shot, as I had a great deal of work in front of me to make that type of career move. Namely, I was still in the process of achieving…show more content…
Namely, the unique perspectives that the teaching staff can offer students is impressive. As well, they offer a stimulating learning environment in a prime location, which allows for growth inside and outside of the classroom. Specifically, the unique potential for internships and shadowing is extremely attractive, not to mention the evening class structure is perfect for working professionals such as myself. My commitment to my goals manifests itself in my strong desire to attend the Elliott School and earn a Master of Arts degree in the Security Policy Studies program. With my years of professional experience, along with my undergraduate education, I feel I have a great deal of knowledge and information to contribute the Elliott School, as well as my future classmates. In short, I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. I have no doubt that if you approve my application for admission that you will be as pleased with your decision as I will
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