Ellis Grey Character Analysis

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What is a villain? A villain is a evil character that makes the story have a plot. Without a villain there wouldn’t be a really be a story. All shows, movies, or anything you watch needs a villain. If there's no villain there no story. In the show, Grey’s Anatomy, Ellis Grey is a villain because she is cruel, sick. & smart, Meredith Grey would be the hero of the show vs. her mother. Lets just say Ellis Grey is a very sick person. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and does not recognize her daughter. Alzheimer's is a mental memory loss that occurs during a person's middle age. Ellis Grey on the other hand missed 5 years of her daughter’s life. Ellis pushes Meredith away. In the show, Ellis doesn’t only not recognize her daughter but she pushes her away as the days pass.…show more content…
When she picked up a scalpel, it was like she was a different person. She took won a Harper Avery Award. THOSE ARE RARE!!!!! She very good at what she does. Not everyone could be surgeon like her. She even made her own surgical technique. Like you don’t hear that everyday. Ellis wrote in journals and you wouldn’t believe the steps it took, the obstacles she faced, to succeed in creating a surgical technique. Ellis Grey is the villain, but her daughter is the hero of the whole show. If it wasn’t for Meredith their wouldn’t a show. Meredith is the main part, most important part of the show. Meredith is the daughter of Ellis Grey. The FIRST ONE!!! Meredith is the hero of this show because she shows nothing but care, love & respect to her own mother. Even if her mother makes her feel like nothing. She takes her mom into her own hands, even though she treats her like nothing. She's the only one that goes to visit her mom even though she’s sick Now you know the 3 reasons why Ellis Grey is the villain of this show. She very sick, she’s very cruel and she’s
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