Ellison Onizuka Character Traits

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The first hero, Ellison Onizuka, was the first Asian astronaut. He died in 1986 because of a horrific spacecraft accident. Author Steve Chen, blogger for The Asian Heroes Project, writes about astronaut Ellison Onizuka in his article titled “Anything is Possible: U.S Veteran Air Force Colonel, Astronaut Ellison Onizuka”. Ellison Onizuka was a very hardworking accomplished man. His first big accomplishment was receiving a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in aerospace engineering. Ellison obtaining his Bachelor’s and Master’s proves he is determined to achieve his goals. That is quite the achievement because that is about six years of studying and hard work. Most people only graduate with a Bachelor’s or even do not go to college at all. Onizuka also entered…show more content…
That is a great example of hard work because that is more than 70 days in flight. Entering Test Pilot School and joining the Air Force requires a ton of schooling and training. That much school, training and studying proves he was very determined to reach his dreams. Ellison Onizuka could be observed as a role model for others. For Example, Onizuka was a hero to many because he died in honor serving his country. Ellison died on January 28th, 1986. He was only 39 years old and had his own family, and died in a heroic manner for his country. Onizuka died on the Space Shuttle Challenger at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida due to a malfunction of the ship. Ellison Onizuka had a wife and two daughters he lost because of this terrible accident. He died trying to advance his country’s knowledge of space and was in the Air Force before that testing aircraft to make sure the United States’ soldiers were safe. After his death he was promoted to the rank of
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