Elondra Schott: Case Study

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1. I, Jason Schott, am the if called upon could and would competently testify from my personal knowledge to the following: SUMMARY
2. I respectfully request that this Court deny the Request for Orders filed by Elondra Schott. I respectfully ask that I keep sole physical custody of our daughter.
3. I am active duty Sailor in the United States Navy. I have been the sole custodial parent of Autumn since September 2010 after the Court entered a restraining order on Elondra for domestic violence. The Navy notified me that I would have a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to Naples Italy. In September 2013, this Court granted a move away request so I could fulfill my military assignment. Elondra was
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Since October 2016, Autumn has communicated with Elondra every week on Sundays and on Holidays because those are Elondra’s days off. I have tried to tell Elondra many times that she can call anytime to talk to Autumn, even if it is a quick phone call to let us know that she is available to Skype.
10. I have never heard Autumn say that wants to move to Riverside County. When Autumn talks of visiting Elondra, she always refers to California.
11. Autumn was born in San Diego County and lived in Riverside County until she was 2 years old. She has lived with me in San Diego and Naples for almost seven years. She has been with me and my new wife and now our youngest new born since birth.
12. Autumn is in 2nd grade has always received good grades and worked on her studies. She has many friends at school and she enjoys her school and the after school program that she attends. She talks the many different places that she has seen and things she has learned.
13. We only moved once while in Italy. When we arrived in Naples we lived in off-post housing. Our address was Via MaDonna Del Pantano 40 Parco Troncone Villa 21 Guigliano Italy. Elondra had this physical address as well as a mailing address of PSC 827 Box 524 FPO AE
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24. During Autumn’s 8 week summer visits with Elondra, it was difficult to Skype with Autumn. Elondra did not provide me appropriate time during the weeks to talk to Autumn.
25. I attempted to call several times and Elondra did not answer. Instead she sent an email saying that her phone did not have a signal and to call back at another time.
26. When I talked to Autumn on the phone (or via Skype on the phone) it was very difficult because Elondra would hold the cell phone for Autumn. I could visibly see Elondar holding the phone during Skype conversations. The communications that I had with Autumn were on Elondra’s cell phone. Often times, Autumn was on speaker phone and I could hear Elondra guiding the conversation.
27. Elondra obtained the necessary equipment to video conference. It has all been done by a phone handset.
28. Elondra not provided any financial support for Autumn. She has paid her the 1/3 of transportation costs and expenses like school

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