Elsie Morare

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My name is Babazile Jessica Zondi; I am seventeen years old of age. I am a student at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls and I am also a citizen concerned about the injustice of Elsie Morare’s arrest. Elsie killed her abusive husband by strangling him with the help of her nephew and his friend; she believed that was the ‘only way to end the abuse’. It must have taken a lot of abuse for her to believe that the only way to end the abuse was through strangling him. I am writing to ask that Elsie Morare is pardoned from the rest of her sentence. She has served 10 years out of her 21 years sentence and I believe that the years she has served are enough for the crime she committed and the other 11 years will compensate the violation of her rights by the deceased, Simon. Mr President, imagine Gugulethu Zuma -your daughter- a prisoner in her own home. Taking punches to her jaw and ribs. Enduring kicks to every part of her body every sunrise and sunset. Imagine her being raped and starved, as well as her children, having to beg for scraps of food from her neighbours just to make sure that her…show more content…
Her actions in prison have only reflected a great deal of trauma she has gone through in her abusive marriage. In her ten years in prison, she has been on her best behaviour, she goes to the workshop every day and she sits quietly sewing all day long. Mr President please take heed of the difference in physical strength between the late Mr Simon and Elsie. The violation of her rights to: freedom and security, human dignity, privacy, expression and movement by the deceased are factors that pushed her to kill Mr Simon. She endured these violations for a very long time in her marriage and in my opinion these are grounds to rule out her action of taking her husband’s life as provocation (actions that make someone
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