Elton Mayo Human Relational Approach

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Behavioral Theory (Human Relational Approach) At late 80’s there was research continuing regarding the common organizational problems such as interaction and motivation of the individual employees. Management theories which are developed in classical period don’t have effective solutions for such situations. So that a new group lead to grow as “Behavioral School”, to find effective answers for such problems. This behavioral theory is known as “Human Relational Approach” because there central idea is addressing the human relationship with the organization. This school believe that, organization can improve their productivity by understanding human behavioral factors like motivation, conflicts, expectations, and group and team behavior. In classical theories, the theorist viewed employees as machines but in this approach employees are consider as individual and resource. Elton Mayo is a leading researcher who do a lot to build this theory. Elton Mayo and his colleagues did several researches and experiments, which were carried out in the General Electrical Company. Chicago. Few years later he again done a research by using five women in a bank. Following are the key findings of Mayo which help to construct the Human Relational Approach of Management.  Human is a social creature.  Human are having more emphasis on social factors than money or other economics factor.  Thus human can be motivated by fulfilling social needs.  Employees are work in groups in a organization.

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