Elvis Persuasive Speech

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This was the greatest moment of my life!! You would not believe what Just happened I just met my idol Elvis! He has been someone that I have admired for years. When I first heard his voice for the first time I was in love. I began to listen to the radio and search for music that was different to the normal show tunes and novelty ballets at the time. I and other teenagers hungered for music with a beat that we could dance to. I heard his voice on the radio and my family thought that he was black, but it was announced that he is not. I followed up on him and was able to experience him on the television. I then received the opportunity to see one of his concerts, and he was incredible.

He is one of the most popular singers of this time; I can’t even describe the amount of fans that were there! After the war music was reshaped for the better because now we have the beautiful music of rock and roll. Rock and Roll artist’s especially Elvis contributed African American music and blues to create a unique sound. Elvis challenges the old belief of separating white and black music as he combines them together. Elvis also challenges the social and racial blockades of this times he fosters an new American music and popular culture. He was influenced by the church music that he heard growing up and he
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Can you believe that? My parents believe that listening to a song with a beat with make me a criminal. Many other parents believe that rock and roll music is responsible for the decline in parental control. Churches aim hurtful comments to us teens and call this new music “Satan Music.” Older generations despise changes to what they believe and follow. Racist and radical groups fear this music because they believe that it will cause white women to fall in love with black men. If these people would just give this music a chance, they would love it just as much as we
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