Elvis Presley Impact On American Culture Essay

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Elvis Presley has had more impact on American society and culture than any other person in history for the three following reasons; his large contribution to the start of the generation gap in the 1950’s, his huge impact on rock ‘n’ roll music, and finally, his music opened a door for some integration between races. First of all, in the 1950’s Elvis Presley and his music started the era of the generation gap between teenagers and their parents, an era which is still going on today. With Elvis being very young, attractive and his new type of music and dancing, teenage girls fell head over heels for the young star. Most parents though, did not feel the same way about Presley. He was often described a vulgar and many accused him of corrupting the youth. Teenagers all of a sudden felt good being rebellious and decided they would like different things than their parents. And so begin the generation gap of teenagers and their parents. Without the generation gap, the…show more content…
Elvis born in Mississippi. He was a southerner, but in his teenage years he spent a lot of time in urban parts of the city and grew to love African American music. When Elvis kicked off his music career he performed a lot of Blues music which was typically consider, African American music. Seeing a white man perform this music opened some people's eyes and they realized that if everyone can like the same music everyone can be treated the same. So without Elvis helping along with integration through his music, we might not have had as many people sold on the idea of integration. In conclusion, hands down, Elvis Presley was the most influential person in American society. He had a large impact on the gap between teenagers and their parents. He defined rock music which we still hear all the time in society today. And, without him and his music some people might have put up even more of a fight when the integration laws were
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