Elvis Presley Informative Essay

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Elvis Presley was not a remarkable singer when he started out. For many years, he worked diligently with his work to try to get his music heard by other people. His success finally came when people gave him a chance. Elvis later received a slew of awards for his musical works. Although most people see Elvis Presley as only a great singer, Elvis created a style of music that led to the music we have today.
Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis’s parents were Vernon and Gladys Presley. His twin brother, Jesse, died at birth, making Elvis grow up as an only child. For seven days after his birth, Elvis lay sick before the signs of sickness finally stopped. Elvis very easily could have died, leaving the
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Reporters swarmed him with questions on the day of his induction. Shortly, he became known as Private Presley. When he got to camp, they made him shave his sideburns completely off. This completely changed Elvis’s look. The Army changed his entire life.
Religion was a major influence in the life of Elvis. He was brought up in the Assembly of God Church. Some say that Elvis’s family was not a regular attender by any means (Kershaw, 2012). The preacher told stories of Elvis visiting frequently after he became famous (Kershaw, 2012). Although he was mainly Christian, all religions fascinated Elvis (Kershaw, 2012). Elvis just enjoyed learning new things no matter what the subject was. Religion can change people and make them choose different choices when making decisions in life.
Elvis was by no means into politics. Some people believe that he never once voted in presidential elections (Kershaw, 2012). Although he stayed out of elections, he did favor the democrats (Kershaw, 2012). Elvis was a fan of JFK and Jimmy Carter, who were both democrats. One of the most famous Americans in the world did not even vote for the president. Elvis never took the time to concern himself with
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